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Of Silvertongues and Dustfinger and Jamie and Barney... its Legendary....

Oh, I love this movie... its exactly what I dream about, seeing your characters come to life... I mean literally like in the movie. Wouldn't that be totally mindblowing, imagine meeting Arutha -The Prince of Crydee, Sherlock Holmes, Calvin, Rhett Butler, Aragon, Jane Eyre, Captain Nemo and the countless other folks I have fallen in love with over the years. Now I can't wait to read all the three books: Inkheart, Inkspell, and Inkdeath... Among the many sagas or trilogy's or sequences that have come out so far, none actually compares to the Magician. This is a book I found long back when I was 16 or something in an old dusty trunk... the front cover itself was enticing, there was this weird palatial structure set against a strikingly brilliant sky, I think that was when it struck... the 'love at first sight' concept. Anyway, the little story at the back was even more enchanting, it spoke of an alien world and magic and warriors... so I got lost in it. I carried that book with me when I left home for the first time... and now its here with me, to read and hold whenever life seems to get too enormous to fathom.

Back home I actually watched a lot of TV shows during my vacation, thanks to Nam... she still maintains her role as my TV and Movie guide. She had all the seasons of 'One Tree Hill' and 'How I Met Your Mother', I saw just the last seasons and its crazy... everybody sleeps with everybody else, yet somehow these shows are entertaining enough with their witty dialogues, soundtracks and the way the characters undergo major makeovers every season... its fun. Anyway, the only characters I really like in One Tree Hill are Jamie and Brooke and sometimes Nathan Scott. Jamie is so cute, I mean you can't help but like him... he's adorable and his expressions are awesome, he's one cool kid. I wonder how much he is making at this young age...

Barney is another interesting character from 'How I whatever'... he has all these weird ideas and notions in his head and he is always doing stupidly funny things, and he really has some hilarious lines in the show... watch these videos, its legen... wait for it... dary, Barney cracks me up...


u shud start writing about stuff other than books and movies and sitcoms

ur laptop is cool!
Thanks Pushpak... that was extremely thoughtful of you. Doesn't make a difference to me though.
I wish I could get the laptop soon, this ancient one here is testing my patience.
Jude said…
what laptop did you get?
We got the HP one, the one I was tellin you about... do you know anyone returning from NY or NJ, JB?
Jude said…
raina :p
raina is not returning without me
and call me zak! not pushpak
Anju said…
I have yet to read the INK series... I've read some of her other books... she's good!

One of my favourite Barney scenes was that monologue play he did to get back at Lily. It was so funny!
Check out The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon Cooper is one of the best sitcom characters ever invented.

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